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DIY spa treatments and massage at home

Spa Massage at Home

Massage helps the active ingredients in your facial and body treatments work more deeply and effectively. As part of your daily application, perhaps in the evening you can apply as follows, but if time doesn’t allow adapt the programme to suit you. You can always try the full application when you have time for a lovely pampering session! 

DIY cleansing facial at home

Start by gently cleansing the skin with a gentle natural cleanser removing all traces of make-up and surface grime. I find a cleanser which has to be massaged in helpful as this starts to boost blood flow.
Next prepare a bowl of hot water with a couple of drops of essential oils on the surface of the water. Lavender is ideal as it suits all skin types and condtions. Place head over water and cover with a towel so that head is completely enclosed. Steam face for about five minutes. This helps boost circulation, oxygenate the tissues, increases tonality and improves the texture of the skin. (Caution: Do not steam the face if you have hyper-sensitive skin or any form of inflammation).
Follow this with an exfoliating treatment based on natural ingredients and ‘roll’ the treatment rather than ‘scrub’ to prevent scratching the surface of the skin. Rinse with tepid water.
Next apply a mask suitable for your skin type. If you want to refine, deep cleanse and clarify congested skin, then use a clay based mask. If you want to hydrate and balance dry, damaged skin, then plump for a cream based mask. Again rinse with tepid water.
Finish with a facial oil or balm designed to soothe and restore balance. This again depends on your skin type, but ensure the product is pure and organic. Massage well into skin using upward and circular motions. Your skin should now be smooth and glowing!
For ultimate skin care, follow this facial with acupressure therapy to condition, strengthen and rejuvenate the skin.
Applying body treatments
Self massage helps tone the body, relax tense muscles and stimulates the circulation.
Whilst this application is helpful for cellulite and detoxification, this does replace the methods used for a full and beneficial body massage. Please leave this to the experts. The majority of us do not have the time for a daily intense regime. Self massage helps you feel refreshed and awake or relaxed abd calm. Cellulite is a common afflication and detectable by the bumpy orange peel look of the skin on the more fleshy parts of our body. Massage alone will not rid the tissues of the deposits, but it greatly helps. Sensible eating is key so that the body doesn't draw on muscle as fuel instead of the fat. As it usually results from a sluggish circulation and poor elimination of toxins from the body, it is necessary to combine a number of approaches to improve the condition and texture of the skin.
Make small lifestyle changes
Increase your intake of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. Increase your intake of water and cut down on the intake of toxins such as refined carbohydrates, caffeine and alcohol.
Exercise regularly as it is important in helping the lymphatic system rid the body of waste products.
Reduce stress. It should not be suffered for a prolonged period of time as it robs the body of energy and health. It can encourage unhealthy and irregular eating.
1. Apply treatment oil to affected areas. Soothe, warm and relax the thigh muscles with upward flowing strokes. Repeat several times.
2. By using lifting, squeezing and wringing actions to knead the thigh and buttock muscles, this helps with the exchange of tissue fluids. Knead thoroughly over the whole area. Follow with firm strokes (as above).
3. Now press and rotate thumb pad on one area at a time, whilst using other hand to push the tissue towards the stroke. Follow with step 1 to help aid the elimination process and boost circulation.
4. Use pummelling and hacking strokes to target the cellulite. Strike the area firmly and briskly one hand following the other.
5. Soothe the thighs and buttocks with upwards strokes or, if you have one, use a hand held massage roller by moving it in circular motions over the area.