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Bath & Beauty

Bath & Beauty

Your body often gets neglected, simply because it isn’t always on show in the way your face is. But the skin on your body needs just as much of the tender loving care you give to your face.

To keep it supple, moisturised and glowing with health, it needs natural aromatherapy care with daily gentle cleansing and replenishing protection, supplemented with weekly exfoliation and therapeutic treatments.

Bath Treats

Bath creamer
Bath creamer trio
Bath fizzy hearts
Heart bath creamers gift set
Rose and Lavender Bath Salts
Sweet Mint Bath Salts
Ylang ylang and citrus creamers gift set

Body Cleansing

Coconut Rose Sugar Scrub
Cardamom and Grapefruit Sugar Scrub
Orange Spice body exfoliator
Sweet Lemon Body Exfoliator

Hair care

Oil treatment for hair and scalp


Calming Body Oil
Revitalising Body Oil
Soothing Foot Balm
Hands and Nails Healing Balm