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Revitalising Body Scrub
Revitalising Body Scrub

Revitalising Body Scrub

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Skin care Product may settle so mix before use. With therapeutic ingredients to nourish and repair tissue cells, help with water retention and fat deposits, and provide a balancing and tonic effect on sebum to help promote a clear smooth skin. Helpful for improving the flow of blood so good for pale skin types.
Well-being Cleansing for the body and mind, these aromas lift the spirits and balances the mind by helping to calm the symptoms of stress, thus resulting in a calmer approach to life.
Product Code: RBB015
Size: 350ml
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Himalayan crystal salt, Dead Sea Salt, Sunflower oil, Castor oil, Coconut butter, White clay, Glycerine, Seaweed extract, Beige clay, Shea butter, Olive oil, essential oils, Grapefruit seed extract.

Contains 100% organic ingredients
Contains natural components of essential oils: limonene, citral, linalool, geraniol, citronellol, eugenol.


Apply once or twice a week in the shower or bath, paying particular attention to dry, rough parts.

Use a body scrub no more than twice a week. Any more and you could be over exfoliating, potentially tearing and damaging the skin. Always start at the feet and gently massage the scrub in a circular motion up the legs and body towards the heart (as this is the direction of circulation and works with the tiny veins that help move the blood towards the heart). Rinse off and wash as normal. Finish with a rich oil to moisturise, protect and smooth.

Product may settle so mix before use. Any oil left can be used as bath oil.

Do not use on broken or very sensitive skin.
Store cool and dry, away from sunlight. As no synthetic ingredients or preservatives are used in Chery Lin Skin Therapy products, it is best to use this product within 8 months after opening.

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