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Hedgerow Beauty Skin Care Gift Set
Hedgerow Beauty Skin Care Gift Set

Hedgerow Beauty Skin Care Gift Set

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Truly eco friendly and ethical, the Hedgerow Beauty range delivers nutritious, therapeutic skincare that supports local and small producers to lighten the load on the environment.

With organic ingredients produced here in the UK, this skin care range is simple, effective and nutritive. The whole range is suitable for all skin types and conditions including sensitive and will provide effective daily cleansing and moisturising for your everyday skincare and beauty regime.

Comes boxed with burgundy grosgrain ribbon for a beautiful elegant gift.

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Daily Cleansing Balm - Sunflower oil, extracts of wild pansy, Coconut oil, extracts of Calendula, Crambe seed oil, Beeswax, extracts of Chickweed, essential oils.

Daily Facial Toner - Lavender water, Geranium water, Alcohol, Horsetail extract, Yarrow extract, Echinacea extract, essential oils.

Daily Facial OIl - Crambe seed oil, Calendula extracts, Sunflower oil, Marshmallow root extracts, Mullien flower oil, Camelina oil, essential oils, Jojoba oil.

Daily Night Care - Rapeseed oil, Calendula extracts, Sunflower oil, Alchemilla extracts, Crambe seed oil, St John's Wort extracts, Beeswax, Shea butter, Mullein flower oil, essential oils.

Contains 100% certified organic ingredients.

Contains components of natural essential oils: limonene, geraniol, linalool
VEGAN/VEGETARIAN: Cleansing balm and night care contain beeswax.

Apply Daily Cleansing Balm with clean hands to face and neck in gentle circular motion. Massage well into the skin taking care around the eyes. Remove with a damp face cloth, muslin cloth or ramie cloth, or if you prefer, cotton wool. Follow with toner and moisturiser. Can be used daily if you have a dry, flaky skin condition, and once or twice per week if your skin is more oily or spot proned.

Saturate a cotton ball with the Daily Skin Toner and gently wipe over skin after cleansing. Can be used as a gentle morning cleansing.
Follow this with the Daily facial oil and apply with clean warm hands using upward, circular strokes.
Apply the Daily Night Care in the evening after cleansing and toning. Apply with clean warm hands every evening using upward, circular strokes.

Store cool and dry, away from sunlight. As no synthetic ingredients or preservatives are used in Chery Lin Skin Therapy products, it is best to use this product within 10 months after opening.

These preparations are very rich, so use only a small amounts per each application.
Vegan: Daily Skin Toner and Daily Facial Oil  
Vegetarian: Daily Cleansing Balm and Daily Night Care contains beeswax

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