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Cleansing Aroma Water
Cleansing Aroma Water Cleansing Aroma Water

Cleansing Aroma Water

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Skin care This gentle cleansing water has been especially formulated for sensitive skin. With cleansing and moisturising extracts, your skin will feel thoroughly cleansed, moisturised and refreshed. Calendula and Comfrey provide calming, soothing and healing properties, whilst Yarrow and Echinacea protects and strengthens.

Well-being With such gentle ingredients, you know this cleansing water is doing your skin good. With the gentle scents and properties of lavender and geranium; and the calming, restorative properties of comfrey and calendula, it is comforting to know this cleanser will balance, heal and strengthen.
Product Code: CAW01
Size: 100ml
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 Lavender water, Geranium water, Witch hazel water, Chamomile water, Glycerine, Alcohol, Calendula extract, Comfrey extract, Yarrow extract, Echinacea extract.

Contains 100% certified organic ingredients.


Saturate a cotton ball with the cleanser and gently wipe over skin. 


Use as a gentle morning cleanser or toner.
Useful as a skin freshener throughout the day, particularly if you work in a dry, centrally heated environment.
Store cool and dry, away from sunlight. As no synthetic ingredients or preservatives are used in Chery Lin Skin Therapy products, it is best to use this product within 6 months from opening.
Contains organic alcohol which is used to extract the therapeutic properties of the plants and also acts as a preservative. It is produced from organic rye.

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