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Green policy

Chery Lin Skin Therapy‘s environment policy outlines what it does to manage environmental effects and aspects of its operations.


All companies and organisations have an effect on the environment and eco system to some degree, and it is my aim to assure customers that I have a committment to reducing carbon emissions, conserving raw materials and energy and sharing environmental solutions.

Environmentally friendly skin and body care

Chery Lin Skin Therapy is very concerned with the way the beauty and cosmetics industry uses natural raw materials. All species and materials that are used in my products are continually reviewed to ensure only abundantly available and replenished resources are used. This is a regular review and checked with important sources from the IUCN Red List. It is a fact that what we put onto our skins is absorbed into our bodies and bloodstream, so only natural and organic ingredients are used in the careful, handmade creation of Chery Lin Skin Therapy products.

In buying Chery Lin Skin Therapy products, you are helping an ethically aware business to achieve the mission of providing luxury, kind beauty care to a growing number of environmentally conscious consumers. Buying ethically is a positive step and diverts funds and credibility away from larger players in the cosmetic industry who may put profits before ethics.
Natural, organic ingredients
Chery Lin Skin Therapy is dedicated to using only organic and natural ingredients grown or produced using ethical or environmentally sensitive processes. This means that:
  • all my recipes for skin and body care are, and have always been prepared, with little or no heating method due to the design of the products, and purity and therapeutic value of the ingredients used. This helps retain the vibrancy, nutrition and essence of each ingredient;
  • the whole range is environmentally friendly and biodegradable;
  • they are luxury beauty treatments and gifts which care for you and are kind to the environment;
  • they are at least vegetarian and are not, and never have been, tested on animals. Only myself and willing friends and family have tested my many recipes through the years;
  • 100% ingredients used are certified organic, have never been tested on animals and are highly nutritious, containing helpful vitamins and minerals vital and useful for skin, body and mind. In using these extracts, I am able to produce concentrated, vibrant beauty care, alive with the essence of nature.
  • they do not contain any artificial colourings or fragrances;
  • all plant oils used are organic and must be cold pressed in order to retain vital nutrients;
  • they are carried and wrapped using only recyclable containers and packaging;
  • they are finished with minimal printing and labelling.

A note on certification

As an ethically aware and environmentally friendly company, Cherylin Skin Therapy uses certified organic and fairly traded ingredients in all products. Under Soil Association certification, to label a product 'organic' it must contain 95% to 100% organic ingredients, including non-organic permitted additives or carriers. So, whilst Chery Lin meets the required standards, the company is not certified by the Soil Association.
Chery Lin Skin Therapy took the decision a number of years ago not to seek certification. This is because her products more than meet the organic standards. Using absolutely 100% organic ingredients, each and every skin and body care product is carefully created by hand so that it resonates with powerful healing properties and raw energy.
Chery Lin Skin Therapy does and will continue to:
  • monitor the source and farming methods of all the natural ingredients used in the creation of Chery Lin Skin Therapy products. It has always been a priority of Chery Lin's to never use any ingredients that can alter or damage eco systems and that small farmers are able to earn a decent living from organic cultivation of local and natural resources without decimating landscapes for the benefit of greedy, unscrupulous corporations. It is one of the driving forces of this brand of skin care and for this reason, Chery Lin does not use ingredients such as palm oil or Sandalwood, Rosewood or Arnica Montana which are known to be either endangered or in decline.
  • monitor progress and review environmental performance on a regular basis. This will be done annually, but more often as necessary;
  • recycle all packaging materials and attempt to compost any surplus as much as possible;
  • decline the use of CFCs and ozone depleting substances;
  • use water and energy efficiently;
  • use only recyclable containers and packaging for Chery Lin Skin Therapy products;
  • expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors used to create and deliver environmentally friendly skin and body care;
  • assist customers to use environmentally products in an environmentally sensitive way;
  • use only natural, organic ingredients carefully sourced;

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