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Acuppressure facial massage therapy

Naturally treating your skin, body and senses™

Treat yourself to a natural facelift
Our face speaks clearly of who we are. Our health, our self-confidence, our self-esteem, our age. But, we find it difficult to accept the marks of time so we look for ways to halt the wrinkles and slow down the ageing process. Of course, we can resort to cosmetic surgery or the latest filler. But these are expensive, are not without risk and offer only temporarily camouflage of the inevitable reality.
The conventional approach does not treat the whole, only the problem – and let's face the truth head on – it's inevitable; there is nothing we can do about ageing, getting old and getting wrinkles. We live in a society that lives for tomorrow, because today is already out of date. We're impatient for quick fixes, we scour the glossy mags to see what the latest exotic ingredient celebs are using and demand the latest “miracle” solution that has been tested on animals to work immediately on our wrinkles or other long-term skin problem. We no longer think about our 'whole self'. We are so focused on what we can do now, that we no longer think about "long term skin care".
Long term skin care means taking a holistic approach. This does not mean that 'natural skin care' can offer a cure for ageing. It, of course cannot. This is about managing your health, enabling your body and skin to heal, and feel and look amazing.
My natural approach to facial care does not involve using special tools of the trade; just the hands. Facial massage is at the heart of my holistic approach to long term skin care. It exercises and firms the muscles and helps the active ingredients in your facial treatments work more deeply and effectively. It improves and maintains the skin at little cost, and with no side effects.
Massage helps you assess your skin and find out what works and what doesn't. You will get to know its' condition and treat it accordingly with a detoxing, toning, hydrating or nourishing treatment. My facial massage is based on using aromatherapy with the acupressure techniques, each therapy bringing out the best in each other to act in synergy. Whilst massage is extremely effective, your body needs to be fuelled with nutritious, wholesome foods. So supplement your body with fresh, local fruit and veg, wholesome grains and lean meat or fish, and it will also make a fantastic difference to the condition of your skin.
Clear, healthy looking skin will empower you with confidence and self-esteem, will save you money usually spent on quick fixes that fail to perform and enable you to be more proactive and responsible for your health and well being. With a more balanced skin care and health routine, comes a sense of balance in your daily life, which in turn brings a positive outlook, a less stressed looking skin resulting in greater well-being.
Acupressure facial massage
Acupressure therapy is an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to press the body's key healing points to stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities. It is particularly effective in the relief of stress-related conditions and for boosting the immune system. Acupressure releases tension, increases the circulation of blood and fluids, reduces pain and helps develop an awareness of one's health and condition.
Because of its' positive effect on circulation, acupressure is an ideal self applied therapy to rejuvenate the skin and heal skin problems. It stimulates points on the face to release toxins, revitalise the skin and stimulate the circulation. Using essential oils helps reduce inflammation, regulate production of sebum to balance and regenerate the skin. Essential oils are used because of their complex chemical components and medicinal worth, with properties that soothe, heal, stimulate and rejuvenate.
To begin a facial acupressure massage start by using either an oil based facial treatment or a vegetable (or carrier) oil to which you've added essential oils. Cold-pressed sweet almond oil is best, particularly if you don't know which oils suit your skin type. It is also tolerated by most skin types and is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. It also helps relieve inflammation, itching and dryness. You need very little oil for the massage, but you may want to make up a small bottle for continued use and that will keep for several months. As a guide a tablespoon of oil to which 10 drops of essential oils has been added should be enough for two days' massage, if done morning and evening. To 50mls of almond oil, add 50 drops of essential oil.
The essential oil of choice for acupressure massage would certainly be lavender. Again, this is because it is tolerated by most skin types. It is a healer with many incredible properties. It is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-depressant, it is anti-inflammatory, regenerative and a de-toxifier. It promotes healing and prevents scarring and can be used during pregnancy and on children. There are many cultivators of lavender, but it is important to seek out Lavendula angustifolia as this is the true lavender and the most therapeutic.
Cleanse the skin and leave slightly damp as this helps the oils penetrate the skin more easily. Find a quiet space in front of a mirror and approach the treatment in a relaxed way as this is a therapy that will help relieve the tensions and stresses of a demanding day. The treatment should be repeated twice and take no more than 15 minutes.
With oiled fingers gently massage the treatment into your skin by following the natural symmetry of your facial features and bone structure and in an upward direction (against gravity). This simple method incorporates acupressure and massage to help stimulate the lymphatic flow, clear sinuses and release tension. (Very ageing on the face!). If you breathe evenly and deeply and concentrate on the strokes, you will find this very therapeutic and rejuvenating.
STEP 1 Start with the chin and with slightly cupped hands, stroke the jawline on both sides of face simultaneously, moving from the chin to the ears. Repeat 5 times;
STEP 2 Using first 3 fingers, slide them from the top of the nose between the eyebrows and upwards and out to the forehead about a centimetre from above the middle of each eyebrow. Repeat 5 times. This helps relieve tension that causes frown lines and reduces inflammation.
STEP 3 Relax the forehead by placing fingers of both hands on the centre of the forehead. Thumbs can rest on the cheeks. Draw fingers out towards the sides, stroking smoothly and in a slightly upward direction. Repeat the stroke and work your way up your forehead towards your hairline. This helps relieve migraine, redness and inflammation.
STEP 4 Next, starting from between the eyebrows, stroke the central frown line up towards the hairline. Repeat 5 times.
STEP 5 Again, using first three fingers and starting at the centre of the hairline, make small spiralling movements along the hairline and top of head, working towards the temples. Repeat this 5 times. This helps fade the transverse lines on the forehead, helps energy flow and can alleviate sinus problems. Continue this spiral movement down the sides of the face finishing level with the ears. This movement helps smooth the texture of the skin and works on the crow's feet that extend out to the temples. Repeat 5 times.
STEP 6 Using the second finger of each hand and with a very light touch so as not to drag the delicate skin, massage the eye area. Do this by starting at the corners of the eyes and work outwards and round to below the eyes. Be careful not to pull the skin here.
STEP 7 On the inner edge of the eyebrow and above the inner corner of the eye, there is an acupoint that brightens the eyes and clears the nasal passages. With your thumbs on each point apply firm but light pressure pressing upwards against the bony socket. Begin with 5 seconds and build up to 10. Also helpful in relieving tension in the forehead.
STEP 8 To improve the tone of the skin and muscles on the cheekbones, apply acupressure to the acupoint located directly below eye, in the middle of the ridge of the bony socket. Hold for 5 – 10 seconds. Will also help relieve eye problems.

STEP 9 This next acupoint to treat is located in the depression at the outer edge of the eyebrow. Apply acupressure with index fingers angled slightly towards the eyebrow for 5 seconds and build up to 10. This will increase circulation and tone the skin around the eyes.

STEP 10 To ease tension in the jaw, mouth and cheeks, the following strokes allow relaxation and softening of lines. Keep your hands relaxed, rotate fingertips in a spiralling motion from the side of each nostril and under your cheekbones and towards front of lower angle of jaw-bone, in the depression formed when teeth are clenched. Repeat 5 times.
STEP 11 To help improve the complexion and promote the healing of blemishes, locate the acupoint on the cheeks directly below the eye and level with the outside edge of the nostrils. Press firmly against the cheekbones for 10 seconds.
STEP 12 To tone facial muscles and skin, and even improve the health of the gums and teeth, locate the acupoint just under the lower lip in line with the tip of the nose. Apply acupressure for 5 seconds with index finger before massaging with first 3 fingers using deep rotating movements, working towards the lower angle of the jaw. Massage both sides simultaneously. Repeat 5 times.
STEP 13 To improve the shape of the jawline, place the index fingers in the middle of the face just below the mouth. Move slowly outward along the jaw up towards the earlobes. Repeat 5 times.
STEP 14 Tap very gently all over forehead and cheeks with fingertips for 10 – 20 seconds. This helps stimulate the flow of blood to improve the complexion.
STEP 15 Gently pinch the outer edge of the ears, starting at the base of the lobes up to the top of the ears. There are many acupoints on the ears that connect to the whole body to help stimulate and tone all the internal organs to bring them into balance. It also helps stimulate the lymph and hormonal systems and boost the body's natural defences. Spend 30 seconds to 1 minute applying acupressure to each ear. Repeat step 1.
STEP 16 Finish with hands cupped over closed eyes for a few seconds.