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About Chery Lin Skin Therapy

About Chery Lin

Naturally treating your skin, body and senses...

Rejuvenating, soothing, healing skin care.

Naturally treating your skin, body and senses™

Chery Lin Skin Therapy, the Cotswolds based skin care company, is focused on treating your skin, body and senses™ as a whole with toxin free concentrated skin care through the use of kind, yet powerful, pure ingredients.

The beginnings

Nutritionist and aromatherapist, Cher, owner and founder of Chery Lin has been hand creating specialist and tailor made skincare for many years. 

After studying illustration and history of art at University, she began to develop symptoms of what was eventually diagnosed as ME (Myalgic encephalomyelitis, a debilitating illness characterised by severe fatigue and painful muscles and joints). To help her understand and manage the symptoms, Cher became interested in homoeopathy and nutrition, and because the illness seemed to reveal allergies and an intolerance to many commercial skincare brands, she became particularly interested in the concept of aromatic skincare.
Understanding that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body, she started creating skincare and developed recipes that enhance the overall well-being through the use and careful blending of therapeutic, nutritious oils and health promoting essential oils.
Cher wanted skincare that reflected her holistic approach to living and wouldn't cause her skin to break out. She took nutrition and aromatherapy courses and started making skincare that treated the skin as part of the 'whole'. She says: “I looked at the concept of developing skincare that was fresh and fed the skin using organic and healing ingredients that were easily and safely absorbed by the skin. I researched the nutritional value of all the ingredients I used and through trial and error, developed skincare recipes that delivered 100% therapeutic care”. 
After recovery, Cher worked in London, before moving to the Cotswolds. Here, whilst still working full-time, she fine-tuned her recipes and techniques as a facialist. She specialised in acupressure facial massage, treating family, friends and as word spread, local customers before eventually developing the on-line business.
Rejuvenating, soothing, healing skin care
My skin care philosophy has always been based on ‘natural’, and as one of the first companies to develop 'waterless' organic skincare, research and the power of massage led me to develop skin care recipes that are vibrant, balanced and healing, and easily and safely absorbed by the skin. My aromatherapy based skincare is created to complement a holistic, clean approach that I believe benefits our skin and health.

Essential oils feature strongly in all the products because they treat our body and senses naturally and in complementary balance and harmony. Essential oils are nature’s perfumes, remedies and antiseptics. They have amazing cell-rejuvenating qualities, soothing and healing properties and mood and emotion enhancing capabilities.

All products are fresh, hand made and designed to feed your skin using potent, nutritious organic ingredients. They contains no 'empty' ingredients, fillers or emulsifiers, just pure wholesome nutrients that will improve the texture and feel of your skin, strengthen and aid healing and promote natural blood flow for a healthy complexion.

As it's the skincare that counts, all containers are handmade recycled glass and unnecessary packaging is kept to a minimum.